Music is something I discovered at a young age. Or, maybe I should say, it discovered me. 

Like most young guys in Canada, I dreamed of becoming a professional hockey player. . .or to have at least have some sort of role in the sports world. I’ve always been a hockey fanatic (go Avs, go!), I am an avid tennis player, and sports is the lense through which I see most of life. 

But, at the end of the day, music was what became my career. 

Faith also played a huge role in this for me. I’ve lived with faith in God for most of my life, and have been compelled to follow Him down some interesting paths over the years. Music has proved to be one the most unique and rewarding paths of them all. 

It all began when I was 14 years old, playing in local rock bands, helping lead worship on Sunday mornings, and writing songs whenever I had the chance. It grew from there. 

As is the case with any worthwhile journey, there have been obstacles along the way. Most of those challenges have presented themselves as health setbacks, at times seemingly insurmountable. But, thanks be to God, He has gotten me through. And continues to get me through. 

Two albums, two singles, and countless nights on stage later, I wouldn’t trade this journey for anything. In many ways, though, I still feel like I’m just beginning. I’ve never seen myself as a performer, but a worshiper, and hope I always will. 

I’ve always said that if I’ve been a voice of hope to one person, I’ve done my job right. Whether you are a first time visitor, or a longtime supporter of my music, I hope you leave this brief visit more encouraged than before you came. 

The best is yet to come, friends. . .and you are loved.