“If I’ve been a voice of hope to one person, it’s all been worth it.”

There are times in life when we all find ourselves at a crossroads. A point of decision. Not knowing where to go next. Jake Bertrand, a songwriter and recording artist for over 20 years, is no stranger to that place. 

“There have been many times where I’ve found myself at a crossroads,” reflects the Canadian singer-songwriter. “But that’s what faith is for. Faith sees, especially when we can’t.”

It’s thoughts like these that have inspired many of Bertrand’s songs to date. From “I Still Believe”, his 2001 recording debut, to “Welcome Home”, his most recent album in 2011, to "Christ The King", his first seasonal single in 2017, Jake’s songs speak of his faith in God, determination in the face of difficulty, and hope.

“Like most of us do, I know what it’s like to face a situation that seems impossible,” Bertrand says. “And to me, hope and faith in God is the only answer for that. How else are we supposed to answer questions that we have no answer for?”

Although Jake’s journey in music began as a high school freshman, significant health challenges would dog his steps soon after. After nearly losing his life to liver dysfunction in 1998, Jake would battle a plethora of other health obstacles in the following years — including an autoimmune and a neurological disorder. 20 years later, and after a few more close calls, Bertrand’s battle continues. . .but not without optimism. 

“I believe it’s beatable,” he says firmly. “I don’t believe any health issue I’m fighting is a life sentence — there’s too much hope for that. For now, though, I still have a voice, and I intend to keep using it.”

It’s this sort of determination that was an intrical part of Jake’s album, “Welcome Home.” Recorded on the heels of a throat infection, the album would garner a 2011 GMA Canada nomination for Rock Album of the Year, while spinning 5 radio singles across Canada. “Mistake”, the first single from the album, would also go on to be voted the #1 song on Toronto JOY 1250’s New Canadian Countdown, and was chosen as one of MORE Radio Magazine's 2011 CANCON Radio favorites. 

Although Jake admits health has hindered him from recording more music over the years, he continues to write and prepare for a new album. His aforementioned Christmas single, "Christ The King", is his first recording in six years, and was recently given a GMA Covenant Award nomination for Seasonal Song of the Year.

“I’m excited about this single,” he says. “both the response to it so far, and the opportunity to share a message of hope in a Christmas setting. I hope that ‘Christ The King’ can be a song that is relevant all year round, for years to come.”

Beyond music, Jake continues to work on getting healthy, and aims to return to his other love in the near future — tennis. A self-proclaimed athlete at heart, he also enjoys hockey, hiking, and mountain biking. It’s also his love of sports that has inspired his songwriting and what he still feels is his highest call in life — music.

“Music has always been about being true to myself and my faith,” Jake says. “Whether I’m leading worship or playing on a concert stage, I’ve always loved how music can bring people together. If through my songs I can be a voice of hope to one person, I’ve done my job right and it’s all been worth it.”


"There is an earnestness in Jake's vocal delivery that I find very appealing. Jake is the real deal."

—Brock Tozer, Music Director, CHRI 99.1FM